How can I change the visibility of a workspace?

The visibility of a workspace can be viewed and managed by a user of the workspace.


With the visibility of the workspace, you manage whether your working environment is public, or only visible to certain members.

  • Visible to all means the workspace is publicly accessible to everyone.
  • Only visible to members means the workspace is only accessible to the added members.

Set visibility

Click on Members in the Workspace Settings to view and edit the visibility and the individual members of the workspace.

Settings of the workspace

As soon as you change the visibility, it is automatically saved.

Please note the visibility of the workspace can only be changed by a user of the workspace.


To add a member to the workspace, enter the e-mail address in the text field and confirm the entry with Enter. The new member is added to the list and an invitation is sent to the email address entered.

Manage members of the workspace

For each member, the permissions (User rights in LUUCY) can be determined individually in the dropdown.  

Please note that workspaces can only be shared with other members by a user of the workspace.


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