How can I get a student version?

If you are a student, we support you with an unique offer. You can use LUUCY free of charge during your studies.

Apply for a student license

To apply for a student license for LUUCY, follow the steps below.

  1. First, create a LUUCY account.
  2. Then create an organization in LUUCY and start the 14-day trial period
  3. Apply for your student license with our registration form

Please make sure that you enter yourself as the contact person of the organization and please use your student email address in the field "Contact person's email address". This way we can clearly identify your organization. You are free to choose the name of the organization.

Registration form

Please note that you must enter your student email address in the "Email address" field and send us a student ID or a document confirming your studies.


After successful verification of your data, we will activate the student license for you. The license is valid for the validity of your ID card or the document you sent with the form. After this period, we will gladly activate another license for you if you send us your new student ID card. 


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